material Details

Shelter Kit:

Tarpaulin, PP / Nylon Rope, Plastic Sleeping Mat, Mosquito Net (Medicated & Plain), Bed Sheet, Blanket, Plastic Bucket, Water Filter, Torch, Solar Rechargeable Light / Lantern, Candle, Match Box etc.

Hygiene Kit:

All types of Masks including N95, Face Shield, INFRARED FOREHEAD THERMOMETER, Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, PPE Kits, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Globes, Bathing Soap, Washing Soap, Washing Power, Washing Brush, Water Purifying Tablets, Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Towel, Bucket with Mug, Markin Cloth, Mirror, Comb, Nail Cutter, Sanitary Napkin, Cotton, Dettol / Savlon Disinfection Liquid, Hand Wash, Mosquito Coil, Blade and Razor etc.

Kitchen / Utensil Kit:

Cooking Pot for Rice & Dal, Karai, Pressure Cooker, Knife, Plate, Bowl large and small, Tumbler, Serving Spoon (Round for Dal & Flat for Rice), Small spoon etc.

Hand Tools Kit:

Hand Saw, Claw Hammer, Machete, Drill machine, Nail, Binding Wire, Crowbar, Shovel, Axe, Pickaxe, Hoe etc.

Education Kits:

School Bag, School Dress, Shoe, All types of Exercise Books, Pen, Pencil, Crayon, Geometry Box, Sketch Pen and all such items used by Students.

Clothing Kits:

Gents = Dhoti, Lungi, Towel, Banian, Under ware, Pant, Shirt, Sweater etc. Ladies = Saree, Blouse, Petticoat, Night ware, Sweater etc. Children = T-Shirt, Shorts, Full Pant, Skirts, Frock, Sweater and any such dresses for children.

Housing Kits:

ACC & CGI Sheets for roofing as well as J-Hook and Bolt with washer for fitting, Bamboo, Wooden Poles (Ballah) and any item required for Humanitarian Assistance Programs.

Food Kits (Dry Ration Kits):

RICE (Boiled & Non-boiled – Usuna & Arua), DAL – Toor, Moong, Massor (Lentil) etc., Wheat Flour Atta – All brands, Groundnut Seeds, Besan, Chatua, Flatten Rice, Jaggery (Gud), Chana (Bengal gram), Soya Chuck (All branda), Cooking Masala – all varieties, Sunflower Oil, Mustard Oil, Refined Oil, Biscuits, Horlicks Health Drink, Protein Power, Dry Foods and all dry ration as per customer specification. Also we supply Pattato, Onion, Garlic etc.

Cleaning Item:

Phenyl, Bleaching Powder, Mops, Broom, Wiper, Toilet brush, Door Mats, Napkins, Naphthalene, Freshener etc.

Miscellaneous Item:

Vermi-Bed, Agro Shade Net, used by farmers for protection of plants & Using in Building Construction sites. Nylon Fence Nets.

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